What Shots Does Your Pup Need? The Dog Vaccine Guide!

What Vaccinations Should My Dog Have

You’ve welcomed a new furry friend into your life, and you want to make sure they’re protected from all sorts of illnesses. That’s where vaccinations come in. But with so many out there, how do you know which shots your pup needs? We’re here to help! πŸΆπŸ’‰

Core Vaccinations

  1. Rabies: It’s not just a recommendation; it’s the law! Rabies vaccinations are mandatory in most places. The first shot is usually administered at around 12–16 weeks, with booster shots later.
  2. DHPP: This vaccine protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza. It’s typically given in a series to puppies starting at 6–8 weeks of age.
  3. Leptospirosis: Though considered a core vaccine by some, it might be optional depending on your location and lifestyle.

Non-Core Vaccinations

  1. Bordetella (Kennel Cough): If your dog will be around other dogs frequently, like in a daycare or boarding facility, consider this vaccine.
  2. Lyme Disease: If you live in a tick-prone area, this vaccine could be beneficial.
  3. Canine Influenza: The dog flu is a real thing! The vaccine is generally optional but recommended for social pups. 🐾🀧

Puppy Shots and Boosters

Puppies usually start their vaccination schedule at 6–8 weeks and continue with booster shots throughout their first year. After that, some vaccines may be given every three years, depending on your vet’s recommendation.

Consult Your Vet

Always consult your veterinarian to tailor a vaccination schedule that’s appropriate for your dog’s age, health, and lifestyle. πŸΆπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

In conclusion, vaccinations are an integral part of your dog’s health regimen. The right vaccines can protect them from dangerous diseases and provide you with peace of mind. Remember, a little pinch today can prevent a lot of pain tomorrow. So, be a responsible pet parent and keep up with your pup’s shots. Happy vaccinating! πŸΎπŸ’‰

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